Lamron Quan and KD Shoot each other Dead in ” Death Duel”.

Lamron Quan and KD Two rappers repping Chicago have reportedly , killed each other, after police believe the two pulled guns and shot each other after a heated argument.

Sources confirmed to that Lil Durk affiliate “Lamron Quan” and Milwaukee artist KD shot and killed each other in North Dakota yesterday morning after an argument.

Fargo, North Dakota police say at 3:17 Saturday morning, they responded to a call for shots fired and when officers got to the area, they found two people, both dead and both with gun shot wounds.

Lamron Quan and KD

Lamron Quan and KD were associates, who – according to social media reports – were working on music together, They both gained massive support on the Chicago Drill scene.

Investigations are ongoing as the Police don’t know what happened to cause the two men to argue. But whatever it is ended up with the two popular rappers engaging in what folks on social media are calling a “death duel.”

According to police, three shots were fired, one hit each man, and the third shot missed. Both gunshots that landed, were fatal.

One Next door Neighbour disclosed that he woke up to arguments and screaming, but was not sure if it was two men or a man and a woman and that the argument led to three gunshots.

Police are currently looking for anyone who has information on the double shooting, including a woman who may have been involved. If anyone has any information on this shooting, please contact the Fago police department.

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