JAMB Warns Candidates on Indecent Fashion Sense.

JAMB the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has issued advisories against indecent appearances and dressing ahead of the 2023 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination and Direct Entry Examination.

JAMB specifically warned against the use of traditional tattoo [henna] locally known as “laali”, bogus jewelry, certain outfits among others.

The board took the decision following observations that such mode of dressings and adornment led to distractions during examinations organized by the board.

The Board Said ;

“Henna when applied on the fingers obstructs the smooth biometric verification of the candidates’ fingers. Also in an attempt by candidates to clean their fancy henna drawings, they used chemicals that damaged the whorls on their fingers, hence making biometric verification and authentication difficult.

“The Board reiterated its position of “No Biometrics, No examination rule” and urged candidates to desist from any act that could jeopardise their chances of taking the UTME.

On the issue of indecent dressing, the Board warned candidates “against indecent appearances to the examination hall, which in some cases, had constituted a major distraction to candidates, embarrassing even the candidates wearing such dresses as others pass offensive glances at them thereby destabilizing their comportment for the examination.

Also the idea of dressing indecently “In some cases, it has been used to aid and abet examination malpractices.

The Board perceives improper dressing as a serious breach of the UTME ethics, adding that provocative and seductive dressing as well as willful and deliberate exposure of one’s body to the public will no longer be condoned as they are capable of causing distraction to candidates and examination officials alike.”

The board listed indecent dressing to include, but not limited to the following ; “sleeveless tops, body hugs, knickers, transparent clothes, canopy head wraps, bogus fashion jewelries, spaghetti tops, and off-shoulders, among others.”

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