Iggy Azalea Shares her Back Surgery story.

Iggy Azalea famous 32 year old female rapper has shared with her fans her recent experience under the knife as she tried to correct one of unexpected side effects getting extensive surgical enhancements.

She explained to fans that she had to get back surgery, because her backside was too heavy. Unfortunately, the back surgery didn’t go as planned as she is bed ridden although on her road to recovery. learned that Iggy was having difficulty moving around on tour – wearing heels, and carrying her diaper booty back and forth across the stage. Over time, all that extra weight caused back issues, according to reports.

Eventually it was too much, and earlier this month, Iggy went to the hospital to get back surgery – to help fix some of her pain.

Unfortunately for the blonde rapper, she suffered from some pretty serious complications from the surgery, Media Take Out has learned. She’s now laid up in bed, and getting physical therapy to help get her strength back.

See her story ;

Iggy reportedly had at least three separate Brazilian Butt Lift surgeries, to grow her assets to the size that they are now. According to reports, Iggy’s butt went from about 28 inches in diameter to a whopping 45 inches.

Iggy was a size 2 before all the surgeries. Now look at her:

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