Daddy Freeze Opines there is no Blessing attached when you Give to the Rich.

Daddy Freeze Famous Nigerian-Romanian broadcaster and socialite, has stated that there is no blessing in giving rich parents money.

The founder of Free Nation Online Church, also said he has never given his mother, who is a University Vice Chancellor, money before because there is no blessing attached to it.

Daddy Freeze, in a post on his social media page, advised his followers to rather give money to the needy than their wealthy parents as the blessings for giving to parents can only come when they are struggling and poor.

“There is no blessing in giving your rich parents money. The blessing is when you give to the poor. If your parents are struggling, then you are blessed when you give them money or assist them. ‘Honor your father & mother’ should not be monetized,” he said.

When urged by some followers to give to his mother even though she is rich, Freeze noted she does not need money from him and also recalled how she once returned money to a politician after the money was dropped for her through her personal assistant.

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