In life, we are all always in a ‘ship’. For some its is friendship, for others it is partnershipship, a fortunate few are in courtship and the list is endless. The truth, however, is that all ships involve a RELATIONSHIP. in this post, relationship is used in the romantic sense, but the principles are over reaching nonetheless.

Since relationships are a ‘can not do without’ for some of us, it becomes important that we learn to excel in them, and that is one of the themes of this blog.

Here are some few pointers to know a relationship that is meant to be:

  • There is a strong tendency you will want to have a relationship like it over and over again


  • There is an overwhelming tendency for ” love and like to relate : a mixed feeling, you love them, you like them, its difficult to choose.



LOVE; you have a healthy, deep, and powerful connection

LIKE: you admire and, respect their attitude and character


  • You are sincerely happy for their strides in life: yes! There comes a time when your partner  makes you proud, your ego is kicked to the bin, jealousy is told to get lost, and celebration and appreciation fill the atmosphere.


  • You both tend to argue a lot; argument is good, it shows you are not gullible, it shows you can take a rightful stand, and make choices of your own. But at the end, if one party is found guilty or wrong, personal ego is kicked into the bin, and remorseful apology is delivered to the partner with the Right opinion



  • Happiness is paramount, even though there is healthy competition; yes, you both strive to be better at what you do, to give your best to the relationship, to improve in ways that will benefit what you both share, even at that, you do so in love, peace, and happiness, “no harsh feelings”, no discord sown.


  • There is room to breathe and trust, without having the ugly intuition of “what is he or she does now”, “is he or she cheating on me”.


  • Bigger emotions are always expressed : knowingly or unknowingly, you just find yourself expressing your emotions on relevant or less important things, even when they don’t do anything at all, you be like David in the bible, your mouth is full of praises, and your heart heavy with thanks “ o thanks dear for tolerating my excesses,  I don’t know what I will do without you, you complete my world, never knew god was going to send me a partner like you on a platter of gold,”


UGLY TRUTH; the number of bad days outweighs the good, even though we try to coat it with caramel or brown sugar. But what matters most is YOU BOTH WORKING IT OUT.


Did you find this article helpful? Or you have suggestions to make it better? Kindly let me know in the comment box below. Thanks!

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