THE FEET 

Our feet is very important, the more reason we need to care for it. In Keeping the feet and toe – nails in tip top condition, its essential to practice good hygiene, pamper them to heal soreness and callouses, and getting medical attention when necessary. 

Below are some simple tips and rules to follow when caring for the feet and toe nails. 

  • wash your feet; use soap and lukewarm water, and pay extra attention to the spaces in between the toes. 
  • Moisturize daily; lotion or petroleum jelly should be used before bed and slip on some Socks  to soften the feet and prevent dryness. The area between the toes should not be over moisturized, to prevent fungus.
  • Get rid of odour;  The feet  produces sweat more than other parts of the body, this breeds bacteria and causes it to smell. To handle a smelling feet, do this: keep your shoes clean,  change your Socks more often, try foot powder. 

  • Wear the right foot wear; some footwear tend to soil the feet. The right footwear should keep your feet clean, dry, & at comfortable temperature. During winter, its good to wear water proof boots /socks to warm the feet up.  For  summer, sandals that allow them get some air should be worn. 
  • Shower safely ;  extra care is to be taken when we bathe, and where we bathe. Since showers are typically damp environment, its best to protect your feet with flip flops (slippers). 

                  FEET TREATMENT 

  • Pedicure ; Give your feet some treat every two weeks, to keep it soft, free from dry and rough skin. 

  • Massage ; knead the sole of your feet in a circular kneading pattern to help loosen tight muscles. 
  • Stretch the toes ; gently pull your toes back and forth to ease soreness and stiffness. 

  • Exfoliate ;use a foot scrub to clean off dry & dead skin. Scrub is massaged in circular motion and then rinsed off. For the heels & bottom part of the feet, pumeric stone is used in a gentle filing motion. 


  • Be gentle with your nails ; roughly scrubbing your nails in a bid to clean it, can damage it, making it prone to infection. 

Nyc dermatologist  dr prystowsky  adviced against the use of metal nail tools for cleaning as it diggs under the nail plate causing it to separate from the skin. 

  • Nuture your cuticle ; nail cuticles are very important, they help to seal the area at the base of the nail. Any attempt to remove it, break the seal of protection at the base of the nail, and open it up to infection. 

Should you feel a need to remove your cuticle, do so gently, and with the use of a wooden orange stick, push them back once a week. This should be done immediately after bath, when they still feel soft. 

  • Clean tools ; Ensure to disinfect your nail  tools after each use. It will help your nail stay happy  & infection free. 

  • Base coat ; before painting (applying colour) to your nails, always on base coat. This protects the nail from being stained by the polish, and helps the polish colour look more saturated and opaque. 
  • Take a Break; Going from one strong nail polish to another can dry them out, turn them yellow, and weaken their structure overtime. 
  • Diet: Experts advise that you eat right. Add vitamins & supplement with biotin, fish oil & vit E to your everyday meal. Once you hit the right combination & it works, you will be rewarded with  clearer &  stronger nails. 

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