• Do not be an overpleaser,you will end up getting hurt.
  • Love  is best experienced without a map.
  • A chase in the beginning is good,to prevent disappointment at the end.
  • Men in reality don’t behave like characters on screen.
  • Never compete with another woman for a man –it’s beneath you.


  • Do not get caught up in how good people look on paper,they might just be assholes walking about in catch’s clothing.
  • If a person does not bring forth his/her best when getting to know you, run. 
  • Never curse your intelligence even if it complicates your love life – be smart not dumb.
  • Never marry someone based on the location you found them ,it’s not where you met, but who you meet that matters.
  • Withdraw your heart ,if the negative signs outweigh the positive signs .

      • Not all relationship are marriage bound.
      • Not every woman is a wife material,and not every man is a husband .
      • Love is never enough ,wisdom,patience,tolerance, understanding, compatibility are equally important.
      • Love is best experienced with someone whose accountability for their thoughts, action,&words touch your soul.
      • Love is best experienced with someone whose shoulders are light,& arms free to wrap fully around you.

          • Do not demand trust, earn it, build it, show it,& give it.
          • Fall for someone who knows that grown ups  cry and it’s okay to feel scared of love,loss, & loneliness .
          • Sometimes People who are not in a relationship, can see farther than the person in love listen.
          • Learn to complete yourself- see yourself through your very own eyes. 
          • Stay with someone that understands your worth.

              • These are important – culinary skills, attitude,level of maintenance, level of intelligence, attitude towards money,quickness to anger,& manner of expression. 
              • Love your heart everything else is luxury- your body will wither, mind will fade,personality will flatten out.
              • Break up does not come only  when someone screws up, sometimes it’s the best thing to do.

                • Because you are not playing side games,doesn’t mean others aren’t.
                • You can meet the perfect mate,but they can still not be “ready” for you.
                • Everyone has a different love story. No one is entirely  incharge of all the details when it comes to love.
                • No one has real power over the heart. it’s the reason love happens.
                • Always pray- never underestimate the power of prayers.
                • Love is great, your goals and dreams in life should be greater,and God greatest.

                Love lessons are inexhaustible,feel free to add yours  in the comment section,so we all can learn from it. 

                Thank you!

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