Blue Update


American rapper and singer Drake has become a beacon of hope to many of his fans after recently unveiling his only son Adonis and claiming his baby mama. This gesture didn’t only trigger a baby fever across the globe, but also left his fellow celebrities awed over the resemblance between the little one and the rappers mother.

Vocal and feisty African American rapper 50 Cent who surprisingly chose to spread positivity for a change said Drake sired a boy who was a complete replica of his lovely mum. He said genetics had played a strong role in the rebirth and noted that Drake’s genes were really strong.

ICYMI- Drake has a Caucasian mum and a black father, making him mixed race. However, Drake’s son has fairer skin , a pair of ocean blue eyes and a head full of curly blonde hair. None of these features were passed down by either of the boy’s parents.

woooooow!!!!! cute

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