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U.S Rapper and model Chynna Rogers died on Wednesday at the young age of 25.

“I can regrettably confirm Chynna passed away,” Rogers’ manager John Miller said via email per The Wrap. “Chynna was deeply loved and will be sorely missed.”

Chynna Rogers

Her manager would not go into detail about the cause of Chynna’s death, but the rapper was extremely open about her addiction to opioids in the past.

January 2018 marked a year since the rapper had been living a sober life. She talked to Pitchfork about her struggles and added to that, Chynna’s mother had recently passed away.

she said-

“My mom would be really tight with me if I used her as an excuse to fall off,” she said at the time. “It’s just more reason to work and get all this sh*t done.”

“If you’re not depressed right now, you might be getting high,” added. “Everyday I wake up with new sh*t to be mad about. It’s too much.” 

Chynna was best known for her hit singles ‘Selfie’ and ‘Glen Coco’. She also released the EP’s ‘I  m Not Here. This Isn’t Happening’ in 2015 and ‘music 2 die 2’ in 2016.


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