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A 107 year old hockey stick, one of the first ever made believed to be from the time period between 1850 and 1870 , as the game of hockey was being invented, is about to be auctioned for a whooping $3.5 MILLION.

whaaaaat!!! that is a hell lot of money for a very old piece of wood … isn’t it ?? But guess what – 100+-year-old sticks have a track record of selling for a fortune.

TMZ/Goldin Auctions

Here’s the deal in 1980, a couple  Gary and Germaine Morse  discovered the one-of-a-kind stick sitting in the closet of a Vermont home they recently purchased. The Morse’s had no idea what the stick was worth … so they had it assessed.

The value, according to the expert fine art appraiser? 3.5 MILLION DOLLARS!!

Shockingly, they held on to the stick for 40 years until recently deciding to cash out going to Goldin Auctions and asking them to unload the piece.

The “Rutherford Stick” also believed to be from the 1850s reportedly sold for $2.2 million in the mid-2000s.

Bidding kicks off on Friday.

Does anyone know any billionaire that loves to buy ancient sticks??

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