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The lifeless body of a yet to be identified young man was found under Kofar Nasarawa Bridge, in Kano state.

The deceased who was said to be in his late sixties suddenly collapsed to the ground and died immediately on Tuesday, sparking fear among residents as they scamper for safety.

Some residents according to reports said – hours after calls were put across to security and health agencies, they had refused to show up to evacuate the corpse.

Residents have expressed fear saying-

“We are now restless, we don’t know what killed him, we just found his body lying on the ground.

“We have called the Ministry of Health and police, since afternoon no response, the body has started swelling,”.

It was observed that the headquarters of the Kano State Fire Service was less than 100 meters from where the incident occurred.

For the past few weeks, lots of Untimely death has occoured in kano state. Thus deep concerns has been raised amongst residents, as they seek for intervention.

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