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In a related development, the NCDC said Lagos State got the largest number of COVID-19 response kits donated by Jack Ma.

The Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma, had donated 100,000 ordinary face masks, 9,999 coverall gowns, 20,000 runs of reagents for testing and 913 face shields to help Nigeria in the fight against coronavirus. The donation to Nigeria was part of the 500,000 kits donated to 53 African countries.

NCDC said on its tweeter handle, @NCDCgov, that Lagos was given 27,678 face masks, 2596 coverall gowns and 165 face shields. It stated that the state got the amount because a priority was given to the state with the highest number of cases at the time of distribution.

The distribution chart showed that Federal Capital Territory got the second highest with 14,115 face masks, 1,906 coverall gowns and 161 face shields. Bauchi, Edo, Osun, Oyo, Rivers and Ekiti states got 1,912 face masks, 291 coverall gowns and 26 face shields, while Ogun got 4,375 face masks, 671 coverall gowns and 58 face shields.

Since the emergence of the dreaded covid-19 pandemic, world entrepreneurs and billionaires have been quite philantropic towards the various countries of the world. donations in both cash and kind have been made, to help save humanity from the scourge of the coronavirus.

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