Rape : STOP COLLECTING MONEY FROM BOYS – Man Tells Female Protesters [ video]

A viral video has emerged of a man confronting ladies protesting against rape in Ipaja area of Lagos 

The ladies gathered carrying placards and protesting as a result of the recent surge of rape cases in the county.

While the ladies were protesting, the man walks to them and said

You have a role to play in that rubbish. You’ll be collecting money from boys, and you’ll say you want to zip up. How can you. Go and search your conscience. It’s very very bad. Before you’ll talk to any girl now, she’ll be asking for money.

watch video-

Even me, at my age now, I have girlfriends of your age (pointing to the young ladies), daddy how much will you give me, am l lying? Stop collecting money from boys. Whenever you collect money from boys, anytime they don’t have their way, they’ll deal with you”

Do babies and Toddlers also collect money from boys?????

hmmm!!!! Many are mad, few are roaming.

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