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Award winning journalist, Azuka Jebose and his wife just tested positive for COVID-19.

The gifted writer who lives in the United States of America with his wife and children broke the news thus on his Facebook wall:

“My dearest wife and I tested Positive for COVID 19!. After more than twelve hours at the hospital yesterday with barrage of blood works, X-rays, EKGS doctors concluded that since there are no underlying medical challenges such as high blood pressure, heart disease , diabetes , we remain among the 95% that do not need to be placed on admission. So we returned home last night with advice to quarantine ourselves, drink a lot of fluids and brace up for the inconvenient coughs for about a week.

This coronavirus is very serious and deadly. We give thanks that ours are mild but still it excruciating painful experience , especially when you begin to cough: a ten second step has suddenly become a ten minute gaze at getting to a point. Please do not bother calling us. Do not inbox or if you are privileged my Whattsap contact, the greatest help you can offer is allow us to use our weak energies to begin healing. There is nothing more to add.
Stay With Me!”

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