Earlier today New Big Brother Naija 2020 housemate, Ka3na, revealed she has a 1 year and 7 months old daughter who is a product of her former marriage to a 64 year old British man.

The 27 year old successful entrepreneur revealed that she got married to her British ex when she was 22.

In a discussion with other housemates of the 5th edition of the reality show, 27-year-old Ka3na revealed that she is seperated from her 64-year-old British husband she got married to at the age of 22. 

She also revealed that they had their child through IVF, after which she had her eggs frozen in South Africa. The mother of one further stated that she dates older men and doesn’t have time for younger men because she needs someone to advice her. 

Ka3na said; 

“My husband being 64 was not that strong anymore and I really wanted to have a child for him, so I decided to go for IVF.

“The first one failed but thank God for the second one. I now have a daughter, she is 1-year plus.

“I’m not separated and not divorced. I am not divorced yet because I am not ready to remarry. I’m Strong, passionate and a boss lady. I have my life all planned out. I just want fame to sell my business.

“In relationship, I have to be with an older man. I don’t have time to date young guys. I need someone that can advise me.”

Cute !!!!

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