ICYMI – The juicy Gist from saturday night party.

Whispering * There was lots of characteristic dance moves, binge drinking, and misbehaviours, most especially after the daily drama….clears throat *

So , OmahLay and DJ Sarz was in the house on saturday, hitting the Housemates with good vibes and jams, and our beloveth Neo threw away caution to enjoy the best of the night….

The sheer madness of the moves Neo considers to be dancing on the party is a memory that will linger on for many editions of BBNaija yet to come.

From his ground thrusts to side twerks, Neo’s rhythmic gyrations are anything but conventional and totally unforgettable….

#Erica #kiddawaya

Erica made Kiddwaya look unserious on the dancefloor. Kiddwaya attempted unsuccessfully to make a play for Erica but he failed spectacularly.

However, Kiddwaya’s affections were sought after by TolaniBaj who kissed him as they danced slowly but this only scared him away for the rest of the night.

Some viewers felt it was disrespectful while others thought it was a regular part of the courting process. After the party, the couple spent the rest of the evening in the kitchen wrapped around each other before falling asleep on the same bed.

#Nengi #Erica

Nengi and Erica seem to have buried the hatchet on the dance floor after what seemed like a love triangle involving Ozo. Both grew to appreciate each other because of their mutual twerking talent.

This led to a conversation after the party that completely changed the dynamic of their previous understanding and cemented a new concrete bond between the lovely ladies.

The pair used the quiet time after the party to affirm their mutual respect and assured one another that there is no jealousy or malice between them.

#Brighto #Dorathy

Who would have thought that after all that preaching and those deep intellectual thoughts, Bright O could become the wildest party animal at the party?

Bright O’s behaviour during the party had Housemates and viewers wondering what went wrong. Bright shocked fellow Housemates and viewers on the dance floor when he removed his shirt and began dancing wildly.

He seemed to have enjoyed himself as he strips for Dorothy during their wild dance. However, in the middle of the dance, he stopped abruptly and wore his shirt again as quickly as he took it off.

#Eric #Lilo

Yesssss! homeboy left Lilo breathless….

It’s obvious that Eric and Lilo are into each other. Aside from forming the earliest ship – relationship – in the house, the pair had the party to thank for totally unwinding without hindrance.

Just as Eric couldn’t get enough of Lilo at the party and on the dance floor, Lilo was left breathless with the moves and Greenlight signals from Eric. The two retired to bed early and didn’t catch much of the after- party drama.

Chuckling* …….

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