Erica and Kiddwaya have been spotted tonguing, hours after she called off their “relationship”. 

ICYMI – On Wednesday, Erica has revealed to Kiddwaya that having with s#x with him few nights ago was unplanned but she liked it. 

She said his actions may bring drama and that she’ll rather go back to the normal the way they were before, in the house and her decision was accepted by Kiddwaya, who also added that they should just continue their friendship and nothing extra……

Frowning at his break up, Kiddwaya later spoke with fellow housemate Nengi about the issue. He said Erica sees him as a flirt and too friendly with wathoni and her in the house, ” I’m not trying to have a girlfriend or anything serious, he added

Then Nengi blamed herself for being the reason for their breakup and wouldn’t have been too friendly with him. She said “I know I’m the problem and I can always step back”

He added that he easily bonded with her because she was his female version but nengi disagreed saying, their friendship will be limited to only preparing meals for him and nothing more

However hours after she said this, she was spotted kissing Kiddwaya as he fed her.

Here is the video below;

Lol…… sex – makeout -sex …..another round loading*

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