#BBNaija : Housemates & Gist Update.

Yaay! alot has happened , alot is happenening , alot will happen ….its a complete package. * sips drink*

Want to know whatsup with some of your favourite housemates , their love interests , friends , and frenemies ???? keep reading.

Kidd & Erica –

Current Head of House, Kiddwaya has advised his love interest, Erica to look beyond just physical attractions when she’s ready to settle down.

Kidd advised Erica when she spoke to him her relationship with Laycon – Erica had said that she is just friends with Laycon and physically attracted to Kiddwaya, who she described as her ‘Bestie’.

He said:

“Those who are attracted to a man physically and go into a relationship with them for such reason; those sort of relationship does not last.

“Like you,” Erica replied.

Kiddwaya further revealed to Erica how he broke up with his ex.

“She was too good, and I was not ready. She wanted us to get married, and I was just 21 then and immature. ‘’I thought it wise to return to Nigeria while I left her back in the UK to be happy. I ended everything for her to be happy.”

Meanwhile, last night, Kiddwaya was seen fondling Erica’s breasts before asking if she will like to have a boob job. 

Laycon and Erica-

After about five days of not talking to each other, Laycon and Erica have finally ironed out their differences. Both Housemates were caught up in a discussion.

Although it wasn’t clear who started the conversation, Erica seemed to have gotten enough of the malice.

She told Laycon not talking to each other has gone beyond giving themselves space but more of enmity.

She stated that although she knows deep down that they are friends but she’s beginning to doubt the genuineness.

“What happened? Why are you hostile towards me? What did I do to you?

“It’s no longer I need my space, this one is now enemy kind of stuff. In my mind I know you are not my enemy. That’s what I feel from you but I feel like you see me as your enemy,” she stated.

Laycon replied:

“The last time we talked when you greeted me and I didn’t respond I didn’t do it intentionally and when I came to you you were acting somehow I was pissed too”.


Current Head of House Kiddwaya has boasted none of the Housemates is as rich as he is. He made this known during a conversation with Erica.

According to him:

“I don’t take things seriously in this house; if I did, I would have had issues with some Housemates.

“I know what I have outside; my net worth cannot be compared with them outside here.

“Nobody compares. They don’t compare to me, not like am bragging or something but my net worth, my bank account don’t compare to them.”

He also apologised to others over his comment he made the previous night .

ICYMI – While addressing the Housemates, Kidd had said he would remain in the House next week while some of them will be evicted on Sunday.

His statement provoked some of the Housemates like Lucy and Wathoni who didn’t take it lightly with him. He however admitted his mistake and apologized, saying his comments were “quite insensitive but wasn’t an attack on anybody.”

Leo and Vee

To celebrate her 24th birthday, Vee got a birthday cake from Big Brother and also a flower from her love interest, Neo. The cake, which was delivered in the storeroom, was picked up by the Head of House, Kiddwaya and Vee’s partner, Neo.

During his last diary session, Neo had asked Big Brother for flowers and pen to surprise Vee on her day.

With the support of other Housemates, Neo successfully pulled his surprise to Vee with the flowers and cake as other Housemates sang a happy birthday song.

He also wrote a short note to his lover to celebrate her birthday.

“Happy birthday Shenkese, thank you for every special moment you have given to my boring world in the shortest time. “You give me light with every smile and peace with every kiss. May your days be long and colorful,” Neo wrote


Deputy Head of House Tolanibaj has gone against Big Brother’s instruction. During a meeting, the Head of House read the new rules by Biggie, stating he and his deputy must not sleep separately but on the same bad.

The rule also stressed other Housemates must not sleep elsewhere but on their beds. But Tolanibaj seemed unbothered as she was seen sleeping on her bed alone over the night.

She might have to explain herself to Biggie once he returns from his secret vacation.

Lucy –

Ex-Head of House, Lucy has expressed her determination to ensure the 15 Housemates lose the fifth-week wager challenge. Lucy’s anger stemmed from Kiddwaya’s stand on how Housemates should give their all to the wager challenge scheduled for Tonight.

In her fit of rage, Lucy told Wathoni and Praise she cares less about the wager task but self-respect. Lucy, who was the Head of House for week two, said she won’t have Kiddwaya and Erica disrespect her just because of the position he occupies.

She bluntly told Praise and Wathoni she would ensure the Housemates lose the wager for the fourth time – having won it once in the last five weeks.

Although Kiddwaya had called for a truce and apologised for his words and the tone he used with the Housemates, it is unsure if Lucy has accepted the apology.

Lucy has recoiled into her shell and even had a confrontation with Prince earlier on Day 31. She had told Prince to stay on his line and not talk to her if possible.

Prince was Lucy’s Deputy during her reign as the Head of House in the second week of the show.

Oh well, What do you think might happen in the house, between the housemates before Eviction sunday?????

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