#BBNaija : Housemates & Gist Update. [ videos]

ICYMI- Heyy guys , below is all you probably missed from lastweek, down to this new week on the BBNaijaLockdown Edition.

Nnengi and Ozo

Big Brother Naija lockdown housemate, Nengi, expressly told Ozo not to mistake their closeness in the house for a ”relationship”. In her words

I hope I am not giving you the wrong signals”

Ozo has always fancied Nengi and has been on her case for a while. During one of his diary sessions, he even mentioned that Nengi has the qualities he is searching for in a woman and that he is really attracted to her.

Nengi on her part told Big Brother during one of her diary sessions that she has a boyfriend outside the house who broke up with her because she never disclosed to him that she was going into the Big Brother house until a few days to the show. She said she hopes they reconcile when she leaves the house but if not, she might consider Ozo’s proposal as he is a great guy as well.

#BBNaija : Housemates & Gist Update. [ videos]

Both of them have been very close in the house and most of the time always seen together.

Well, last night, she set the records straight to him again, telling him not to mistake their closeness for anything. She said she hopes she isn’t leading him on. Ozo on the other hand didn’t look pleased.

Brighto and Praise

Brighto has alleged that the woman Praise got married to and also has a child with is close to 60. 

The housemate disclosed this while having a conversation with Kiddwaya on how Praise talks to him rudely. 

Brighto who said he will start using snide comments on Praise, alleged that he (Praise) told him about his wife few weeks after they got into the house. He also alleged that Praise is with his wife for money. 

He was heard saying; 

 “What I want to do now is, whenever he says anything, I’ll tackle him. I know his weak point.

“I know what you can tell him that can make him very angry, too pissed that he can even cry.

“You know he usually brags about ‘my son, my wife’, his wife is sixty-something [years]. I’m telling you something. I swear to God. He told me. Trust me.”

BrightO, Wathoni and Dorathy‘s Love Triangle

So on saturday morning, Prince, Laycon and Praise wore househusband aprons and gossiped about relationships in the house including the emerging love triangle among BrightO, Wathoni and Dorathy.

Later on, Laycon  seeked counsel from Prince and Praise on his Erica woes. Apparently, she had dropped the ring he gifted her after their Oracle games the night before.

And of course, the conversation interestingly took a new turn when the housemates switched to Wathoni and Dorathy’s affection for BrightO.

According to Praise, the ladies like BrightO but he might be in a relationship outside the house hence his lack of interest in any of the girls. Prince revealed Dorathy had plans of sleeping on BrightO’s bed but Wathoni beat her to it.

Praise and Kiddwaya

Praise revealed Kiddwaya may have been spending nights on Erica’s bed instead of the HoH lounge. He cited Friday night as evidence to support his claim.

BrightO and Wathoni Under the sheets

Housemates BrightO and Wathoni may have consummated their union on Friday night. The suspected lovebirds got some body movements under the sheets that had fans clamouring for more.

BrightO built up hopes of a potential ship between himself and Dorathy after spending the night with Wathoni. Interestingly, Dorathy had hinted on being attracted to him at the beginning of the week.

Praise Evicted

The sixth eviction from Big Brother Naija’s house was held on Sunday, August 23, 2020.

The four housemates with the least number of votes, TrikyTeeWathoniPraise and Vee where announced by the host of the reality show, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

Biggie had previously announced at the beginning of the show that the housemates with the least amount of votes would be at the mercy of the other housemates.

Following the votes by the housemates, Praise was evicted from the house.

Erica , Kiddwaya , Ozo, and Tolanibaj

And boom biggie returned from his journey, and it was judgement session.

All housemates felt the brunt of Big Brother’s venom, but Erica turned out to be the worst hit after she received two strikes for breaking the house rules on whispering and misusing the head of house lounge. She now has one more strike to disqualification.

Ozo also got a strike for whispering, the week’s HOH and Deputy, Kiddwaya and Tolanibaj got punished for violating Big Brother’s rules on the HOH lounge. According to Biggie, the housemates put their ‘desires’ before the rules.

For the violation, Kiddwaya and Tolanibaj were banned from participating in the HOH games for two weeks and one week respectively. The duo can also not be nominated as deputy.

Other housemates were not left out of Big Brother’s judgement as he announced the loss of their Thursday wager for their unruly behaviour. The housemates will also have to make do without hot water in the bathroom for two days.


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