#BBNaija : Housemates & Gist Update.

Table Turning, Table Shaking, Table Breaking…….it’s been one hell of a week for the housemates…… * sips cofee.

ICYMI – catch everything you probably missed from week six , including the Saturday night party…..All the way down to week 7.

Laycon & His Agama Lizard Costume –

The Lockdown housemates got super hero themed outfits for last Saturday night party and while most of the housemates had little complaints, Laycon’s picked the crown for its element of surprise.

The brown coloured super hero suit had a dark mask and pant to match. Twitter has since gone agog with reactions from fans and viewers:

DJ Switch

BBNaija Lockdown housemates and viewers got amply compensated for the previous week’s shortcomings with star DJ Switch on the wheels of steel.

DJ Switch’s performance made her predecessors seem like amateurs! Switch kept the housemates on their feet for the duration of the show, a feat not easily achieved.

The ace Disc Jockey carried on as both hypeman and DJ for the duration of the night to the excitement of both the housemates and viewers. Going by Twitter reaction, she ruled the night.

Erica & Kiddwaya

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate, Erica on Saturday night flared up after Kiddwaya touched Dorathy’s breast.

Kiddwaya, during the Saturday night party placed his mouth on Dorathy’s breast as they were dancing.

This got Erica angry and she confronted Kiddwaya after the party. She warned him not to ever pull such stunt again.

“Don’t pull the stunt again. Don’t drink of any girl’s boobs again. I saw what you did with Dorathy.”

Though the relationship between both housemates seem to have gone sour, Erica and Kiddwaya kissed during Saturday’s night party.

Kiddwaya & His Neck Squeezing Reflex

Home boy sure got the natural BDSM talent in his DNA….lol .

He might not be the hottest stepper on the dance floor but he appears to have mastered the craft of leaving an impression on housemates and viewers.

The latest party had kidd showing off his BDSM tendencies. In between squeezing Erica’s neck every second he had the chance.

Kiddwaya also made a few passes and neck squeezing moves at Nengi.

Erica & Laycon

Laycon has expressed how he truly feels about Erica. The BBNaija housemate said he truly cares about Erica but wants to stay focused while on the reality show.

He expressed hope that outside the house, he would have the opportunity to show Erica that he truly cares for her. Laycon disclosed this during a conversation with Erica, last night.

According to Laycon:

“I still care about you and don’t want you to live, maybe at a point in our lives I will have the chance to show that to you but for now it still has to be the way it is.

“If I care about you, I care about you and that’s how it’s going to be until you make me stop feeling that way.”

Laycon has always been interested in Erica who picked Kiddwaya over him.

Watch video-

However, Erica and Kiddwaya broke up due to irreconcilable differences. Erica claimed that Kiddwaya was only interested in having sex with her. Kiddwaya lamented that he can’t make Erica happy, hence the need to end their relationship in the house and just remain friends.


Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate, Kiddwaya has revealed how his father treats him.

Kiddwaya, who is the son of billionaire businessman, Terry Waya, said he never got much love from his father. Speaking with fellow housemate, on Saturday morning, Kiddwaya said his Benue-born father only gives him money and not love.

According to the former Head of House, “I didn’t get much love from home, my dad only gives money.”

Kiddwaya, Nnengi & Ozo

Big Brother Naija housemate, Nengi on Saturday night was caught in the bathroom with Kiddwaya.

Both housemates were caught by Ozo and Neo in the bathroom immediately after the party. When asked what she was doing with Kiddwaya in the Bathroom, Nengi told Ozo she just needed someone to unzip her outfit.

“When you saw me with Kiddwaya in the bathroom, I just told him to help me unzip my outfit. “There is nothing to it. Kiddwaya is like a brother to me just like you are, there’s nothing going on.”

Ozo, however, did not seem convinced by her explanation.

Ozo & Nengi

Ozo on Sunday morning accused Nengi of not speaking the truth about the bathroom moment with Kiddwaya.

Kiddwaya and Nengi were caught in the bathroom by Ozo.However, when approached by Ozo who was jealous, Nengi said she just needed help to zip her outfit.

Ozo who was not convinced by her explanation told Neo that Nengi was just making up stories about the situation.

According to him, he values trust and that’s the only thing he wants from Nengi in their friendship.

Ozo said:

“The only thing I want to tell Nengi is there’s nothing I value more in a friendship than trust. “Forget relationship. It’s better she gives me the true stuff than make up a story and give me bullshit about that situation.”

Kiddwaya & Nengi

Rebecca, popularly known as “Nengi” has told fellow housemate, Kiddwaya, that she feels a certain way about him. She, however, lamented that the Benue-born billionaire’s son has been avoiding her all along.

Nengi has obviously become closer to Kidd since he told Erica, his lover to find happiness elsewhere. Kiddwaya had told Erica that he can’t make her happy and obviously looks not to attach any seriousness to their relationship in the house. He said he is in the house to have fun and is now switching to Nengi.

Nengi in the other hand now seems to be more interested in Kiddwaya than her friend, Ozo. Both were caught in a rather too closed position in the bathroom last night; an incident that got Ozo angry.

During their private conversation in the kitchen last night, Nengi told Kidd, “I feel a certain way about you but right now, you are distancing yourself from me.

“Why are you distancing yourself from me? Why were you bored with me? I want to know why. I don’t get bored with friends.

“How do you get bored with someone you call your friend? In this house, if you are a friend to somebody, you need that person every single time…like you were naturally avoiding me…”

BrightO & Dorathy

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate, Dorathy has given reason a relationship did not work out with Brighto.

Dorathy earlier revealed she had some kind of feelings for Brighto days before he was evicted from the house.

However, speaking with Laycon on Friday morning, Dorathy revealed that she realised things could not work out with Brighto after she slept on the same bed with him. She complained that their conversation that night was forced and it made her realise they could not be together.

Dorathy said:

“I slept on the same bed with Brighto that night because I really wanted to know if I had true feelings or was having an infatuation.

“That was the whole idea and after that day it felt awkward. “I left in the middle of the night because it was like I was forcing the conversation and I’m not available for that kind of relationship.

“We had five lines of discussions and I just stood up from his bed and left. He saw me leaving but didn’t say anything or look for me. “To my shock, in the next morning, Brighto did not say anything. That was when I knew me and this guy cannot have anything together.

“Prince also said it could not work between us because I could not put in the work confirming Brighto was difficult.

“Wathoni did that and that’s why they got closer.”

Kiddwaya & Nengi

Kiddwaya, denied knowing or having met fellow housemate, Nengi, before the reality TV show.

Based on their previous conversation, the belief among viewers and some housemates was that Nengi and Kiddwaya knew each other before making it into the Lockdown house.

But Kiddwaya, during a private conversation with his lover, Erica last night, said he wondered how Nengi knew he was entering the house.

“Kidd told Erica: “I don’t know Nene [Nengi] from anywhere before the house.

“She told me she found out I was coming here from an artist. I was wondering how because I came here low key with Linek with my plane and sometimes my driver.”

In a previous conversation between Trickytee, Kiddwaya and Nengi, the billionaire’s son had admitted knowing Nengi outside the house even though they weren’t close.

Erica & Kiddwaya

Kiddwaya, on Thursday said all the girls he has met change when they visit his house.

The billionaire son said when the girls visit his house and see some of the wealthiest men in Nigeria, they become fake.

Surprised at the statement, Erica asked if he thinks she falls in that category, but Kiddwaya maintained that she came into the house as an actress and would leave even bigger."hoh-lounge-"-see-videos/‎(opens in a new tab)

He said, “No one needs me in this house, everyone will all make it without me, but I can make it faster.”

Erica, however, stated that she hopes he knows that she is with him not for what he has.

Neo & Vee

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate, Neo has warned Vee to minimize touching him because it gets him in the mood.

Neo said this during a conversation with Vee on Thursday night at the dinning. Vee was rubbing Neo’s hands while conversing but the Delta born cautioned her.

#BBNaija : Housemates & Gist Update. { Week 6/7}

He said, “You are gorgeous, I am begining to struggle now. Your touches and kisses set this thing in the mood lately and standing tall.”

The couple have promised not to have sex while in the house. Vee had last week said she was eager to have sex with her lover, Neo.

She told Laycon that she cannot wait to have sex with Neo – Vee said, “Neo is the first person I will have sex with when I leave the house.”

Happy weekend guys!!

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