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Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate, Nengi has told Erica she’s not interested in having a relationship with Kiddwaya.

Kiddwaya was seen dancing with Nengi which got Erica upset.

She later approached Nengi on the dance floor about the situation, saying she could have Kiddwaya if she wanted. Nengi in response told Erica that she is not interested in having anything with Kiddwaya.


According to Nengi, she knew Kiddwaya before the show and would have had him if she wanted to earlier.

Nengi said: “I knew Kiddwaya before you knew him. If I want to have something with Kiddwaya I would. ”I’m not interested in him.“


BBNaija housemate Erica has said she will make sure Laycon suffers in life. The actress also described Laycon as a ‘disgusting liar.’

Erica said this when she confronted Laycon for refusing to speak about allegedly trying to kiss him severally.

Erica, who was tipsy after the Saturday night party, said Laycon is ugly and a fool.

“You are a fool. You are lying that I tried to kiss you. You can prove that I tried to kiss you?

“Laycon was my friend but now he is shit. He was using me to trend. I’m not scared of anyone in this house. Laycon is an idiot. Why will you lie about me?

“ I’m only attracted to your brain. You are a short fool, your whole body is like a broomstick. One week has passed and you can’t prove that I tried to kiss you severally.

“As skinny and ugly as you are, you don’t have anything to trend with. Why are you always talking about me in the first place. “The only thing Ebuka always asks you about is Erica. Your whole body is like the drumstick of a chicken.

“I was attracted to your brain but right now your brain is evil. Laycon is manipulative and everyone is taking his side. I will make sure he suffers in life. I will do everything in my power to make this possible.”

ICYMI – Earlier, Ebuka had asked Laycon to clarify his statement that Erica tried to kiss him severally. Annoyed by the question, Erica confronted Laycon but he maintained that he will not discuss the issue


BBNaija housemate, Dorathy has reacted to insults Erica hurled at Laycon. Erica after Saturday night confronted Laycon again over his claim that she tried to kiss him.

Erica, in an angry state, called Laycon ‘ugly and broom of stick’ who has nothing to offer than talk about her.

Laycon remained silent and did not engage her.

Dorathy, reacting to the situation, advised Laycon not to be bothered about the insults. she said:

“They are just words they cannot tear you apart. “Whatever Erica is saying cannot add to Laycon’s bank account.”


Neo and his lover Vee have gotten into another fight after the Saturday night party.

Trouble started after Neo tried to convince her to end the discussions about her getting evicted from the show on Sunday. Vee stated that he was being too emotional and has refused to accept what could be a reality.

The couple, however, got into an altercation which led to their break up.

Neo went on to state that he doesn’t care if she gets evicted, adding that he was done with the relationship.

“At this point I don’t care if she gets evicted tomorrow. “I have my family by my side and I can’t come into Big Brother house to be chasing after a woman.

“I am done with this relationship and please come and take your things off my bed and be on your lane. “She has been telling me every single hour that she’s going to get evicted and at this point I don’t care anymore.

“I am done,” he said.

VEE in her defence, said:

“This is not the first, second, third or fourth time Neo is talking to me like this. “But this is just the peak am done with him and nobody should beg me.

“I only said he was being too emotional and am always getting into arguments with him.” “If he says he is done, then we are done and I don’t care about what happened before,” she said.


BBNaija housemate, Laycon on Sunday morning, advised Kiddwaya.

Kiddwaya had told Laycon he would like to tell housemates on Monday about his experiences so they can learn. Laycon, on the other hand, advised him not to do so because housemates see him as a competition.

According to Laycon, anything Kiddwaya would say to any housemate will look like he’s proud.

Laycon said:

“Housemates see you as competition because at this point nobody cares about what you have to say. “I understand you 100%. You have seen things we have not seen. If you say these things people will take it another way. “Say all you need to after the show.”


Big Brother Naija housemate, Erica apologized over her actions after the Saturday night party which ignited a round of controversy and condemnation. 

The female housemate bodyshamed Laycon after she accused him of lying about her trying to kiss him. She also poured water on Prince’s side of the Head of House bed, while insisting that he will not sleep in same room with her for being “diplomatic” while she was confronting Laycon. 

She finally apologized for actions which led to a tensed atmoshphere around the house.


Following Erica’s sudden outburst on fellow housemate laycon and the water she poured on the bed of her deputy. Biggie was put under severe pressure, since Erica’s behaviour contravenes Biggie’s rules, which stipulates both Head of House and their deputies must sleep on the same bed for the week.

Erica has admitted that she is ready for any consequences.

Last year, Tasha was also disqualified from the show, after a clash with eventual winner, Mercy.

Reacting, some Nigerians on social media urged the organizers of the show, to pardon her, citing mental health issues and intoxication, as why she snapped.


Nengi, on Sunday, broke down in tears over fears of being evicted tonight. Nengi, Vee, Kiddwaya, Trikytee, Laycon and Lucy are you for possible eviction this Sunday.

When asked during her diary session what she would miss if evicted, Nengi while reminiscing about her stay in the house got emotional and broke down in tears.

She appreciated Biggie for being like a father to her, adding that her stay in the reality show has impacted her life and those connected to her indirectly.

“I never really had a father figure and for that I’ll definitely miss you. ”You’ll always be a part of my success story and I appreciate you. You’ve touched my life and those people that rely on me.

“You gave me food and took care of me. It’s been long I had that kind of treatment. “I may not have the best relationship with everyone but I admire something in them and would miss them if evicted,” Nengi said.

BBNaija lockdown Housemate ERICA Nlewedim DISQUALIFIED before the eviction …… & Housemate Lucy EVICTED.

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