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Lady Involved In The ” Repackaging & Sales OF USED CONDOMS Arrested in Vietnam

A Lady Involved In The ” Repackaging & Sales” of used condoms Arrested in Vietnam

About 324,000 used condoms, which were being recycled to be sold again to the the public, has been seized by the police in Vietnam. The police seized the unlabeled rubber contraceptives while raiding a warehouse  in southern Vietnam ….

According to the officials, the jobs of workers at the warehouse were to wash, dry, and reshape the condoms with the use of wooden dildos, before being put up for sale.

Reports also has it that they were being sold to hotels and market stalls near the warehouse, from where they were sent out to the unsuspecting public.

Pham Thi Thanh Ngoc, 33, the owner of the warehouse, was arrested during the raid and has admitted that she receives used condoms once a month from an unknown person.

She allegedly cleaned, dried, and sorted the condoms before selling them again to the public as if they were new, according to local news site VN Explorer.

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