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Uganda TV Stations Reject The Ban Of RED BERET.

The head of the media association of Uganda has said broadcasters will ignore a directive by the government spokesman, Ofwono Opondo, banning TV stations from hosting guests wearing red berets.

Mr Opondo said on Tuesday that it was “illegal to wear a red beret” and those who flout the order would be prosecuted.

The headgear has been adopted by musician turned opposition politician Bobi Wine and supporters of his People Power movement.

Kin Kariisa, the chairman of National Association of Broadcasters, has told the BBC that he has written to the Uganda Communications Commission to clarify on what he describes as conflicting orders from different government entities.

He said the verbal directive by Mr Opondo had no legal basis and they would at the moment not follow the order.

Last year the government banned civilians from wearing red berets saying it was part of army clothing, but the move was seen as a way of curtailing the activities Bobi Wine and his supporters.

He has called red berets a “symbol of resistance”.

Bobi Wine, 38, is planning to run against President Yoweri Museveni, 76, in the next election. Mr Museveni has been in power since1986.

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