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You Should Start Separating ‘ MOST HYPED Album from BEST ALBUM – Brymo

Nigerian Singer, Brymo, appears to be throwing shade at someone this morning. In a series of tweets he posted on his timeline, Brymo pointed out that ”most hyped” albums should be separated from “best albums”.

See what he tweeted on his handle

”No album, not one compares to “Yellow” on the continent this year… Maybe you should start separating “most hyped album” from “best album”

Lol.. show up last quarter, pull a few power moves and declare big numbers… fuck this!!

The best selling artistes have always been the best live! performers and best overall professionals amongst the lot… and for as long as distribution platforms display streams and views publicly artistes will continue to run wild with the need to grow the most numbers.

Stop pointing fingers at the Nigerian Politician… My colleagues are more dangerous and corrupt than our political class.” he tweeted

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