Jhene Aiko Reflects On Being PREGNANT at 20 while UNMARRIED.

Jhene Aiko took to Instagram to reflect on having her first child at 20.

The singer, whose daughter Namiko Love Browner turns 12 today, said that by this time years ago, she was in the hospital to have her child. She said she has no regrets about having a child at 20 while unmarried.

Sharing a photo she took while in labour, she wrote:

i got pregnant at 20 and @millimoto_ said to me “if u a G… you’re gonna have this baby” and i was like “you know what… i AM a G!”  i have never had any regrets about being a young mom a day in my life. i can only thank God for the opportunity  this picture was taken while i was in labor… 12 years ago today (11/19/08) easily the best day of my life  time flies  every moment counts  Happy Birthday Nami!

She added in another post:

if you know me, you know… there’s nothing more important to me than this girl right here. my favorite thing to do is be a mom. when i first had Nami i was a waitress working on my first mixtape… then i started touring, traveling, constantly working… this year has been so intense and chaotic, but it’s been one of my favorites simply because i’ve been able to spend so much time with her. raising a preteen in 2020 is very stressful  lol, but i appreciate every moment and all the lessons  i have a whole 12 year old  i will never not get emotional on her birthday  Happy Birthday Namiko Love  

O’Ryan Omir Browner, Namiko , Jhene Aiko .

Jhene Aiko shares daughter Namiko with singer O’Ryan Omir Browner, the younger brother of R&B singer Omarion. Jhene and O’Ryan dated from 2005 to 2008,

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