VIDEO: South African Lady Allegedly Made To Twerk & Strip By a Group Of Nigerian Men.

A video has emerged on social media of a South African lady that is being made to Twerk and to strip by a group of Nigerians as they drink and smoke in a house.

The Parklands video has angered social media users especially South Africans as they feel Nigerians are dealing in drugs and using their women for money.

This parklands video shows us Parklands is full of drug dealers. This is heartbreaking… But sisters come on, why why why??? That Parklands must be raided like they do in Hillbrow, these guys are too comfortable selling drugs here and if the police say they don’t know about it, then we have no police.”

“Its so heartbreaking, Hawks must shut down that area & do a massive search & arrest , that place it’s so evil”

“Parklands bro its so evil ,That’s where nigerians stay mostly & banemali u will see every kind of imoto, obviously drug dealers, fraudsters. The government must do something about that place , as soon as possible”

“Many girls predominately Xhosa girls are the target, from poor Townships like Dunoon, Khayelitsa, and the Nigerians target those ones.. The ones who are financial destitute, check areas like Bellville, Wynberg, Parklands.. Many of our ladies even cohabit with these niggars”

“Yhooo, and you’ll find other girls blaming these guys, kanti the problem starts with us allowing these guys to treat us like trash all in the name of easy come, easy go”

Watch video

“This Parklands video? No no no they are not drugged, it their choice to go to these Nigerians cause they want short cuts in life, they want nice things they can’t afford”

“Parklands.. Are loved by our ladies.. You would see a lot of interdating, some carrying babies of these men.. Makes you wonder why are they so plugged into them, suspect many local girls are vulnerable economically, they become so dependent on those guys”

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