VIDEO: Dying Husband Wills House, Cars To Wife, Gifts His Company & $726m To His Maid.

There is a lot to learn from this story .

You might be wondering why her husband willingly gave his wealth to their maid instead of his wife…🤔

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Amanda fox was employed to work for one MR. Taylor, a wealthy man with so many companies in his name. MR. Taylor is married and his wife’s name is Beth. MR. Taylor and his wife have been married for ten years just as his wife has revealed in the video, but things went so hard in his health that he couldn’t help himself anyone, and his wife was not helping at all.

She left him in the care of their maid without showing any care like a wife whose husband is sick and almost at the point of dying. So, Amanda has been the one taking care of him even before he fell sick to the point of dying.

According to MR. Taylor’s lawyer who read the will to both Amanda and Beth, says,

“As for the 4000-square-foot penthouse in Manhattan, New York, Mr. Taylor states that it should go to his wife, Beth Taylor. As for the 2020 truck and the 2020 Mercedes Benz, he also says that should go to his wife.

“When it comes to MR. Taylor’s $726million savings account, he starts that this should go to his best friend Amanda Fox. When it comes to your husband’s company, Taylor’s Limited, he States that Amanda Fox should inherit this company.”

The lawyer continued as he read the letter was attached to the will which has Amanda’s name on it

“To Amanda, the lady I hired to take care of me, that became my best friend and my guardian Angel. I can not convey the words to explain the level of love and appreciation that I have for you. You truly are a generous person, kind, welcoming, and even more. The only person who gave me hope when no one cared. The only regret I had is that I am not there to tell you this in person, but remember what I always said; “One day you will shine” this is my departing gift for you… Continue being kind, I love you.

“To my wife Beth, I don’t have much to say, the memories we have are too painful to remember. I always told you to treat everyone as equal, never put yourself above anyone… We are human, but still, you love no one, you helped no one, and you cared for only yourself. I left the house and the cars for you”.

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