#Trump2024 : Donald Trump Returns To The Political Stage.

Former US President Donald Trump returns to the political stage . According to reports, he is determined to reassert his dominance over a Republican Party that is out of power and at the same time pondering if he can win again in 2024.

The 74-year-old addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando in a highly-anticipated keynote speech during which he is expected to tease attendees about his political future including the possibility of another presidential run.

Banned from Twitter and other social media, Trump has maintained a low profile at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida since he left the White House on January 20. CPAC is his coming-out party.

A source familiar with Trump’s plans said the former president will be “talking about the future of the Republican Party” and will criticize some new Biden policies.

– Don’t ‘erase’ Trump –

But whether or not he harbors 2024 ambitions is perhaps the biggest question of all.

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