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You Pay your Staff Peanut and yet you say 4.6 million Naira School fees is Cheap – Social Media Users call out iROKO Tv Boss.

Social Media Users have called out iROKO Tv Boss Jason Njoku ……with respect to a statement he made about 4.6 million Naira School fees being cheap yesterday.

Jason had made this statement in reaction to the provisional bill of a secondary school in Epe, Lagos, that amounts to over 4.6 million Naira for one school term.

His wife Mary Njoku has now come to his defence …. following various backlash on instagram

Mary said some people do not know what it feels like to provide everything they have never had for her kids and if they continue in this manner, they might never know.

Some people also accused iROKO TV boss, of paying some of his staff Graduates & Non Graduates 30k to 40k salary per month while saying 4.6 million Naira school fees is cheap.

Replying, Mary said

Hmmm! 🤐…..

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