Retired Military Generals and Admirals Writes Open Letter To President Joe Biden, Raise Questions About His Mental Acuity.

Over 120 Retired military Generals and Admirals have raised questions about the mental acuity of the president of the United States joe Biden .

The letter from the retired military Generals who call themselves – Flag Officers 4 America implied president Joe Biden’s election was illegitimate, whilst raising questions bothering around his mental health.

See full letter below

The letter also throws more light on Ex- president Trump’s claim that absentee ballots are not secure , While stating that the mental and physical condition of the Commander in chief ( Joe Biden ) cannot be overlooked.

According to the letter , Biden must be able to make quick and accurate national security decisions involving life and limb at any point in time .

The group afterwards pledged their unflinching support to defend the constitution of the United States against all domestic and foreign enemies.

The signatories to the anti-biden letter are as follows :-

Maj. Gen Joe Arbuckle (who served in Vietnam & later Commander US Army Industrial Operations command ( IOC ) at Rock Island , illinois.

Brig .Gen Don Bolduc who lost to Democratic senator Jeanne Shaheen in 2020 republican primary.

Vice Admiral John poindexter who was convicted in the Iran – Contra Affair.

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