8 Right Things to Invest your Finances.

Finance ( money) seem like it should be stashed in a bank or safe and not spent. Although it is proper to save for the rainy day, its also crucial to find the right places to invest or spend it.

Below are 8 places we feel you should invest your money ;

1. Pay your Debt ; over time we incur debts from banks or friends and family. If you have cash at hand, it is proper to put back what you borrowed. This gives you a clean slate & improves the way people perceive you interested of credibility. Do not let debt hang over your head especially one you can resolve.

2. Buy Shares ; keep an eye on public limited companies that are into sales of shares. This is a great way to spend your money as the money will be made back over time. It is more profitable to buy shares than locking up your funds in the bank.

3. Go for Medical Checkup ; Health is wealth. Do not be scared to go for routine medical check-ups. It is totally not a bad way to spend money.

4. Invest in Cryptocurrency ; Crypto is currently in vogue as one of the smartest ways to save money. Thanks to technology, the value of each coin invested grows at an alarming rate. Also, large sums can ve made small and portable. E.g N1m in cash is equivalent to one coin.

5. Start a small business ; you can begin a small business venture like – car wash and salon etc . These small businesses rake in big money from satisfying customer needs daily. They also require low startup capital & less human resources.

6. Buy Land ; investing in the purchase of landed properties is much of a better asset than liabilities. It is one of the greater choice when it comes to spending your money. The properties can be kept for personal use , or for resale at a higher price thus earning extra hassle free cash.

7. Holidays & Vacation ; you only live once, don’t be scared to spend your money on trips . It is also a very good way to spend your money as it helps you create beautiful memories and first hand learning experiences. Vacations is also a good way to relax and reduce stress. Enjoy your Life.

8. Invest in Existing Company’s ; find a fresh startup or an already existing company to invest in. Look out for businesses that have unique nature and also caters for the greater need of the populace.

Do not be pennywise pound foolish. Thank you for Reading.

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