Activist expresses Shock after spotting married Woman Sneaking out of a Hotel room in Asaba

An activist, Marvin Mordi has expressed shock after he allegedly spotted a newly married woman sneaking out of a hotel room in Asaba with another man.

He wrote;

Fear married women in Asaba most of them knack more than single girls Wetin my eye see today my mouth no fit talk am…that’s gist for another day,” he wrote. 

“How can a woman that just got married in December last year, your friends bought your Aso ebi for #25,000 each not even up to one month you have started sneaking out from a boy room in a hotel at Asaba what a shame. Men be wise you might be housing a professional prostitute In a disguise,” 

Be wise oooo Asaba don cast. Married ladies do not let single guys relate with single girls again oo. Justice for single girls. Justice for married men,”

“Dear men always go for spiritual check up, and be spiritual observant, if since you got married things went bad and not moving fine Nna check ur wife maybe someone is knacking her physical or spiritual…Good morning family!!!” he added.

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