Anita Joseph Gives reason why she is not Interested in the Ongoing BBTitans.

Anita Joseph Nollywood actress  has pointed out some reasons why she is not interested in this season’s Big Brother Naija.

Anita Joseph is one of the celebrities who have shown interest in the previous seasons of Big Brother Naija but it seems she is not interested in this season.

According to Anita, she is not interested in this year’s BBNaija because of the suffering, pain, and hardship in the country. She added that she is concentrating on the upcoming elections.

I use God beg una I’m not interested in this year BBN inugo. It’s election time let’s get it right, if not it will be another 8 years of Turmoil. Ina Alu government Ani Ekpolu. Hardship, Pain, Suffering, Corruption e plenty. I’m OBEDIENT what are you? Shallom in the highest

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