BBC set to Release a 3-part Explosive documentary on Late TB Joshua.

BBC is reportedly set to publish a 3-part investigative documentary on the supposed atrocities of late televangelist, TB Joshua.

According to reports, the documentary would detail the atrocities and s3xual crimes committed by the renowned clergyman. As part of the documentary, BBC has interviewed members and workers of his church, Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), and the first installment is scheduled to be released on January 8. learned that a part of the documentary exposed how the church shielded the congregation from the truth, which they were aware of and which lasted over two decades.


Survivors of the late pastor have narrated how they were exploited, manipulated, and silenced even when they knew the relationship with him, who had been referred to as “Daddy” was abusive. Some of them opened up on how he molested and raped them and how those who resisted his s3xual advance were threatened into submission.

Taking to the comment section, while many applauded it, others slammed BBC for overlooking other countries’ crime.

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