BBTitans Housemate Ebubu and Tsatsii Emerge Week 4 HoH.

BBTitans housemates, Tsatsii and Ebubu have become Head of House for the fourth week.

The pair identified as ‘the Royals emerged HoH after the housemates played a game flipping cups.

Biggie said the cups had to flip onto the next cup, and had to land in an upright position or upside down.

The Royals won the game and emerged HoH.

Biggie had instructed that behind the line, each pair rep had 3 minutes to throw three balls at the target board.

At the end of the round, the Royal and Maya emerged finalists.

They were then instructed to flip the cups one by one using their fingers.

Meanwhile, Jaypee and Lukay were evicted during the live show on Sunday.

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