BBTitans housemate Nelisa hints that Tsatsii may be Bisexual.

BBTitans South African housemate, Nelissa has revealed that fellow housemate Tsatsii is bisexual.

Nelissa made this known during her diary session on Tuesday where she disclosed Teatsii has started showing her bisexual side

“We are getting to know each other. Like now, I couldn’t guess that Tsatsii has a lesbian or a bisexual side to her. Thanks for the game Biggie.

“I love Mmeli ’cause he is a bubbly person. He’s one of my favourite people in the house.”

When asked why she nominated Khosi, Nelissa said she nominated her because she was the tail of the house.

“I nominated Nana because I thought she was quiet. She has been isolating herself but last night she didn’t.”

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