BBTitans Jenni O reveals Strategy of fellow housemate Khosi.

BBTitans housemate, Jenni O, has made it known that her fellow housemate Khosi’s strategy on the show is to distract the men with her games.

Speaking about her view with Biggie on Friday in a diary session, Jenni O said the strategy that Khosi has deployed is to play Games and distract men.

Jenni claims that Khosi was able to penetrate because most of the Titans’ men can’t stand their feet

“Thabang has a soft spot for her, and I’ve seen Thabang distracted when he’s doing his work and sees Khosi, but she’s distracting others from doing their work while doing her work.”

Jenni, who is puzzled at the reason for such a strategy, also stated that Khosi was the cause of the rift between Yemi and Miracle with one of her moves.

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