BBTitans Khosi Gives Yemi cregx 5-hours ultimatum to Break up with Blue Aiva.[videos]

BBTitans housemate, Khosi, has given lover boy Yemi a 5-hours ultimatum for him to end his relationship with fellow housemate Blue Aiva.

It is no news that loverboy Yemi is already in a love triangle with the South African housemates Khosi and Blue Aiva, due to his close relationship with both women.

Khosi, in a recent chat with the Nigerian model, said he has 5 hours to choose between her and Blue Aiva, adding that if he chooses her, he would have to completely cut ties with Blue Aiva.Wa

BBTitans Khosi said in part;
“You have 5 hours to choose between me and Blue Aiva. It’s either you’re with me or with her”,

In response, Yemi Cregx simply laughed her off and tagged her a joker.

“You’re a joker”, Yemi told his love interest, Khosi.

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