BBTitans : Meet the Housemates.

BBTitans a new concept that would see contestants from Nigeria and South Africa slug it out for 100,000 dollars kicked off yesterday, Sunday, January 15, 2023,

The reality show, which would be hosted by the BBNaija TV host Ebuka and BBMzansi host Lawrence Maleka would see over 20 contestants entertain fans and secure their votes to remain in the house.

Khosi – South Africa

The first house on the show is Khosi; a 25-year-old from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She says: “If you deserve fire, then fire shall come to you.”

Yemi Cregx – Nigeria

Yemi Cregx; (30) from Ekiti but based in Lagos, and has worked in several different industries; a fun-loving team player he claimed.

Nelisa – South Africa

Nelisa (25): from Eastern Cape, Lives in Johannesburg, South Africa; says if she is a drink, she’d be champagne. She adds she is an interesting character to watch.

Juicy jay – South Africa

Juicy Jay (24): A character and a troublemaker from Mthatha, South Africa. He says he has the energy to burn and despite that disarming smile, he may not be bringing peace to the house.

Olivia – Nigeria

Olivia (23): Originally from Imo State, Nigeria says she has sent her audition for the Big Brother franchise three times and this time, she is successful!

BlaqBoi – Nigeria

26-year-old Nigerian who originated from Plateau State; he says the South African housemates will enjoy pounded yam and vegetable soup. “It is the best food on earth.”

Mmeli – South Africa

He’s a 25-year-old gentleman who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa; an RnB fan.

Nana – Nigeria

(22); a nice girl from Nigeria, but has dubbed herself a troublemaker and believes she’ll step on people’s toes.

Ipeleng – South Africa

An aspiring 25-year-old content creator who is up for a challenge. This Centurion-based housemate has a passion for broadcasting and presenting.

Ebubu – Nigeria

Ebubu is an actor and model from Anambra state who is open-minded and curious about both his immediate environment and the world beyond it, thanks to his vivacious attitude and street smarts. His personality is also characterized by humour, toughness, serenity, and tenacity.

Marvin – Nigeria

(29) hails from Port Harcourt and is all brawn and brains. An outgoing and passionate people person, he’s got a fun secret that’s sure to turn into a party trick.

Thabang – South Africa

The 21 year old savvy Thabang is single and a hustler from the hood . He loves learning about different cultures. He opens up on his love for violins and how his mother had been the one who suggested he join the Big Brother Titans reality tv show.

Jaypee – Nigeria

Jaypee is a 26 year old nurse and model who is a lover of love who never shies away from taking risks and has promised to be the life of the party in this edition of Big Brother titans.

Lukay – South Africa

Lukay is a 31 year old sales executive who is self-aware, ruthlessly honest and a traditionalist. His charming smile serves as a symbol of his vitality.

Yvonne – Nigeria

Yvonne – 27 years old Nigerian from Akwa-Ibom State.

Yaya – South Africa

Yaya is a 30 year old plus size model from South Africa who is confident about her big and bold personality. She has also hinted that she is talkative who is not scared of being vulnerable, and is also mature.

Kanaga Jnr – Nigeria

Kanaga Emmanuel Eme The man with the vibes …

The reality show fans are super excited about the housemates for this edition.

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