Black Chully Exposed again as Fans and Buyers of her X-rated Content call her out .

Black Chully Nigerian TikTok star has been exposed again for allegedly ‘lying about not knowing how her s3x tape got to public domain as fans and buyers of her x-rated content call her out.

 Earlier , it was reported that Black Chully wept profusely  during a live session to address the issue of her leaked x-rated videos and its continuous spread across various social media platforms.

In the video she shared, she claimed that she had no idea how the nude videos were being leaked to the public. 

Black Chully
Black Chully
Black Chully

Moreso, some Twitter users have also alleged that she has been hosting live videos of her sex content on Instagram since 2020. They also assed that she’s been selling her sex tapes for N5k on an old Instagram account that has since been deactivated

Meanwhile, this new generation of TikTok influencers have been constantly perceived as whores . Previously , reported that the daughter of a well known actress was accused of hiding under the umbrella of a social media influencer to prostitute.

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