Bola Tinubu Confirms Claims of Election Manipulation and Rigging.

Bola Tinubu, the APC presidential candidate, has in a subtle confirmation, declared that the electoral process cannot be perfect and devoid of manipulations in some areas but politicians must accept the result of free and fair elections.

Mr Tinubu disclosed this to journalists on Saturday at his home in Lagos, while insisting that he would emerge president from Saturday’s election because he had worked harder than other candidates.

“A democrat, a true democrat, must accept the result of free and fair elections. As a democrat, you must have faith in the system. Once you have faith in the system, it is not a problem to accept the result of free and fair elections,” Mr Tinubu said when asked if he would accept the result of Saturday’s election if he loses.

Speaking further, Bola Tinubu said “Perception is one thing. On rare occasions that you have skirmishes and lack of confidence, it is created by the politicians. Not the electoral process.

In the electoral process, we cannot see 100 percent perfection. People have to tolerate that. Equally, when you are talking of manipulation in some areas, you have to evaluate what is material. Materiality comes to play. How many compared to the total turnout or total who voted? You’ve got to accept the result of a fairly responsible voter’s decision,” he added

This is coming after reports of election rigging by the All Progressive Congress (APC) in some areas in Lagos.

The Presidential and National Assembly elections were held nationwide on Saturday but they were marred by violence in many parts of the country.

The situation led to the loss of lives and disruption of the voting process in many areas.

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