Church of Scientology High – ranking Member Dies of Suspected Suicide. (details)

A Church of Scientology high-ranking member Whitney Mills has passed away in a suspected suicide after lighting herself on fire and shooting herself, has learned.

Whitney Mills, 40, reportedly shot herself on May 12 of last year after attempting to burn herself alive in Clearwater, Florida.

She was pronounced dead two days later and was suffering from a number of serious health issues – including Lyme disease and depression – leading up to her passing.

Source : MEGA

Mills also reportedly had a tumor on one of her ovaries but refused to have the mass surgically removed.

According to Daily Mail, the Scientologist real estate reached the highest level of Scientology – Operating Thetan Level 8 – in 2019.

Not only do Operating Thetan Level 8 Scientologists allegedly believe they can control energy, matter, time and space, but they also allegedly believe they are immune to diseases such as Lyme disease, depression and cancer.

Mills’ brother reportedly found his sister in her Clearwater apartment incapacitated from a self-inflicted gunshot wound shortly after May 12. He also reportedly noticed the smell of burning hair, suggesting Mills lit herself on fire before shooting herself to death.

Upon an investigation into Mills’ death, the Clearwater Police Department found that the deceased had shared a text message exchange with another high-ranking church member – Albertina Mejias – asking for “advice” before her passing.

“I wish it wasn’t in my brain,” Mills reportedly texted Mejias, referencing what she believed was Lyme disease. “It’s so annoying that I have it so bad, and so bad mentally.”

“The d of p wants me to come in for an interview,” she added, referencing Scientology’s Director of Processing – the person who oversees and administers auditing sessions.

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