Cristiano Ronaldo ‘s Elder brother roped in fake Jersey Scandal.

Cristiano Ronaldo ’s elder brother, Hugo dos Santos Aveiro is currently embroiled in a fake jersey scandal.

The brother to the superstar is now set to face trial on June 20 in the scandal that dates back to Ronaldo’s days at Juventus in 2019, according to Corriere dello Sport.

Hugo is the owner of Mussara, a company that signed a $538 million deal with Italian company Pegasus for the distribution of Ronaldo’s merchandise.

The company manages the production and sale of Ronaldo’s shirts online.

It all started when the Adidas logo on Ronaldo’s jersey was replaced by the CR7 Museum logo.

Hugo is also the manager of the CR7 Museum and the jerseys which had the logo were termed as fake.

Juventus even seize 13,000 of these ‘fake’ jerseys. Ronaldo’s brother’s company Mussara denied any deal with Pegasus.

The Italian company argued that it was Hugo himself who authorized using the CR7 museum logo instead of Adidas.

Pegasus also claimed that these same ‘fake’ Cristiano Ronaldo jerseys were also sold at the museum in Madeira, Portugal.

Pegasus are now suing Hugo and the court date, as mentioned earlier, has finally been set for June 20 this year.

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