Cuihua “Chinese Influencer” dies in weight loss boot camp.

Cuihua a chinese social media influencer who was trying to lose more than half her body weight as an inspiration to her followers, has reportedly died while attending an intensive weight-loss boot camp in China.

The death of the 21-year-old influencer, who posted on social media under the name Cuihua, has prompted Chinese state media to warn citizens over the safety risks involved in weight-loss camps and renewed concerns over the pressures women are under to conform to beauty standards set by social media.

She died on June 10, Chinese media said. Her death comes just weeks after a young man in the country died after live-streaming himself drinking several bottles of strong alcohol.

Cuihua had been documenting her weight-loss journey to her tens of thousands of followers on Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, in a bid to encourage them in their own fights against obesity.

She had recently posted several videos of herself undergoing intensive training exercises and shared that she weighed 156 kilograms (344 pounds) and was trying to lose 100 kilograms.

Videos posted on the account showed her running and weight-lifting and they were shared heavily on Chinese social media . Her videos also appeared in various state media outlets following her death.

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