Godfatherism Flourishes because People exit office Without wanting to exit office – Sam Adeyemi

Godfatherism one of the major disease plaguing the Nigerian leadership has been addressed by clergyman Sam Adeyemi.

The Senior Pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, Sam Adeyemi during the Wednesday edition of Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily,pointed out that Nigeria is faced with the challenge of erecting a democratic system on the foundation of a monarchical structure, which cancels out the simple practice of holding elections.

He said ;

What we need to bear in mind is that in the monarchical structure, you don’t have elections; you leave office when you die. We are now trying to build a democratic system on that foundation.

He also noted that Nigeria is divided in-depth along ethnic, religious, and political lines, which makes it quite a challenge to conceive and nuture a regenerative form of leadership.

“We are polarised along ethnic lines, religious lines, and political lines, and that makes it easy for the kind of leadership that we have had to continue. We need a total change in the leadership system, and that’s why I emphasise a lot the leadership culture

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