Godwin Emefiele Begs Nigerians to Show Understanding as regards Circulation of the New Naira Notes.

Godwin Emefiele the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has pleaded with Nigerians to show understanding adding that the redesigned notes would circulate and be accessible.

Speaking at an event in Lagos, he said:

”I understand the agitation and I’m begging in God’s name, we on our knees begging people to please show understanding. They should be calm.

We have told the banks to set up tents and chairs, give people numbers, which I’m sure some people will say it is old fashioned.

But at this time that we’re trying to get the currency in circulation amongst everybody, people have to have numbers and they come in under a queueing arrangements that when you come in you get served, if it finishes, just be patient.

By tomorrow, when you come back, they will start from where they stopped, you will not be cheated.

Let’s just be calm and adopt a good queueing system, the assurance we give is that it will eventually go round.

Eventually the limits will be raised and eventually the limits will be removed and people will be able to conduct their business transactions in a way that it has always been in the past.”

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