Harrisong debunks news of Infidelity and Wife Battering.

Harrisong popular Nigerian singer, has reacted to rumours that he’s a cheat and a wife beater.

The allegation surfaced after the ‘Reggae Blues’ crooner shared a controversial photo with a female in one of his music videos.

Many claimed he’s cheating on his wife with the lady.

According to the reports, Harrysong’s wife had confronted him over the alleged cheating, and he threatened to marry the lady.

The singer was also alleged to have threatened to take custody of the children from his wife.

However, Harrysong, while responding to the accusations, described the reports as false.

He noted that a photo from his music video was used to speculate the wrong narrative, in an attempt to destroy his image and character.

The singer further ordered the blogger to take down the social media posts and apologise to him or face legal action.

In a message to the Instagram blogger, the singer wrote: “You chose to destroy my image, destroy my character by posting false news and a few of my photo shoots from whatever you stand is, with whoever is feeding u on these fake news. If you don’t bring down this news and apologize in 3 hours, you will be sued and charged immediately.”

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