Jay Boogie reportedly suffering from Urinary Retention – Dr. Loveth Jennifer

Jay Boogie, a Nigerian cross-dresser, is critical after a botched cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Dinma. Jay Boogie has reportedly been suffering from urinary retention for 24 hours. Dr. Loveth Jennifer, a Namibia-based doctor, urged Dr. Dinma to take responsibility.

Jay boogie controversial cross dresser who called out a Nigerian cosmetic surgeon Dr Dinma is suffering from irinary retention another doctor has claimed.

The doctor whose names are Loveth Jennifer has called out her colleague Dr. Dinma who performed a botched cosmetic surgery on Daniel Anthony Nsikan, better known as Jay Boogie, in Lekki, Lagos.

Dr. Loveth Jennifer, who is based in Namibia, disclosed via her Instagram account that Jay Boogie is in critical condition and has not been able to urinate for 24 hours following the cosmetic procedure.

She urged her colleague and her clinic to take full responsibility as Jay Boogie’s life is hanging on a thread.

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