Joe Budden Throws Shade at Podcasters, Calls them Failures.

Joe Budden American media personality and former rapper threw shade at other podcasters claiming most of them are failures.

According to Joe,

“Statistics showed that most of the existing podcasters are failing, From 2018 up until now, podcast creation is down over half. More than half. That’s not Joe making this up. Y’all n-ggas are failing. I like it.

He further stressed that as somebody that has dedicated his life to podcasting, he is not leaving no time soon.

He added ” I like when all of y’all jump in the race, bump your head a few times and run away because it ain’t no money in it. I don’t feel guilt about it. Take y’all bum ass somewhere else and figure it out. I’m here,”

Budden’s podcast has managed to remain successful despite several switch ups.

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