Joe Smith expresses Dismay after finding out Wife has an OnlyFans account. [Video]

Joe Smith Former NBA player has expressed disappointment after finding out his wife, Kisha Davis, has an 0nlyFans account. 

However, after expressing his dismay, his wife casually responded ‘its my body’.

Onlyfans is an erotic site where people are paid for sexual acts on camera.

Video below;

Joe Smith reportedly made over 60 million dollars during his time as a basketball player but got into money issues recently .

After finding out his wife performs s3x acts on the erotic site, he confronted her about it, but her reaction to his surprising revelation appeared nonchalant, as she recorded her conversation with her clearly distraught husband, casually responding, ‘It’s my body.’

She told her husband that he knew her identity before he married her.

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